Genealogy Mapping

Maps which can help with Czech genealogy research can be found scattered throughout the Internet.  Basic Czech maps can be found at Wikipedia.  Click Here for a good place to start at Wikipedia

Family Search has an excellent starting point which is specific to Czech Republic Maps and Genealogy.

One of the pages on this web site has Czech Archive Region Maps with links to each specific Czech Archive on the Internet. Roger Link When Other Page Is Published.

Google Maps links the viewer to a location with ease.  I have found several homes of my ancestral family.  I have been able to zoom in and find some of those addresses.


There is a Czech web site which seems to be very similar to Google Maps, but the focus is on the Czech Republic.  Like Google Maps, it has a panoramic view of many Czech locations., another web site, seem to have similar features and functions.

Cadastral / Cadastre Maps

Cadastral maps are genealogy gems.  They are maps of villages and farm lands.  They have the names of those who worked those fields at the time the maps were drawn.  I first encountered these maps when my cousin had a genealogy research company in the Czech Republic undertake some of our ancestral research.  They went to an archive, took all of the pictures for a village or village area, put them on a CD, and sent them to me for a fee.  I used a graphics programs to join all the sections I was interested in and had my village map printed out as a 2 foot by 3 foot photograph.  I framed the picture and could read the names of my relatives and the farm lands they worked in 1839.  The company we used was .

There are now more internet sites which help explain or provide access to Cadastral / Cadastre maps.  The image above comes from a Czech website. This website is a portal to finding Cadastral and other maps for the Czech Republic.  Czech genealogy guru, Blanka Lednicka has perhaps the best explanation on how to access this site and view the map of your choice.  Make sure to follow the directions carefully.


Family Search has a very comprehensive web page on Czech Republic Land and Property.

Searching online, I found a website which compiles a list of all types of maps related to the Czech Republic.  It also includes a link to Moravian Cadastral Maps.  I have not used any of the links so far.

Czech Diocese Maps

If I discover the village of someone I am researching, I turn to the Family Search Parish Finder web page to find the area that village is found within.

I then use the Czech Family Tree Regional Archive web page to reach the Czech Archive I hope that village is located within.

Sometimes I have no luck, so I try to search a nearby parish in the hopes of finding records for my person of interest.  Blanka Lednicka really helps with this, as she has a series of Catholic Czech Diocese Maps at her website.  She even has them set up for a zip file download.  Click Here to view an enlarged image of the Plzen Diocese Map (view right).


Czech Military Maps


There are three sets of Czech Military Maps online. Blanka has a description of these maps, along with a link to their website.


Plat Maps - USA Version of Cadastral Maps?


If you seek a cadastral map to find an ancestor's name on a plot of land in Bohemia, a plat map of land in a USA state can do the same.  But, plat maps are not in one location, or available without charge, or found for each state. However, there are some plat maps available online.

Ancestry has perhaps the single largest collection under the title - "U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918."

Family Search lists a number of County Land Ownership Maps, and many are listed as available through some Family History Centers and Affiliate Libraries.

Searching the Internet, a slow process, can still yield results.  The University of Wisconsin has a link to an online 1873 plat map book of Dane County, Wisconsin.

The plat might shown right (Click Here For Larger Image), I found with the help of a historical society.  It shows family and soon to be family, farms owned in 1896 in a township in Vernon County, Wisconsin.



Not A Map - But - Land document for first sale of Federal Land

Federal Land Patents offer researchers a source of information on the initial transfer of land titles from the Federal government to individuals.


If someone of interest may have purchased land directly from the federal government, you could find it in this Bureau of Land Management database.



Right - Image of purchase in Webster County, Iowa by Margaret Field.  Click Here for a larger view.

Census Tracts - Chicago

Every once in a while I can not find a person who should be easily found.  I know their address, but a usual search, as I do in Ancestry, or Family Search, does not yield a result.  I gamble that the name in the database record is so different than what I would expect, it does not reveal itself in "Wildcard" or other types of searches.  So I try to use census tracts.

If I do not know which census tract to look in Cook county, I start with my known address and a web site, A Look at Cook.

I choose my census year and a ward map of Chicago appears.  Image left.

I click on the ward which appears to hold the known address.  A map showing the Enumeration Districts for that census and their street boundaries appears.  Click Here Sample 1880 Chicago Ward 8.

I can then return to and choose the census year, state, county, city, ward and census tract.  It appears and now I search for the address and my person of interest.  Sometimes I am amazed at how badly they copied the name into the database.  Once in a while I still do not find the person I am looking for.

I also use this web site as they have a listing of Chicago street name changes.  For years I could not find Robey on a Chicago map.  I eventually learned it became Damen.

Maps - Chicago Area

Archdiocese of Chicago Map - Map of Chicago Parishes (PDF)                               Maps of Chicago - Chicago Interactive Maps