Found on our bookshelves

CSAGSI has endeavored to create, for our area, one of the largest collections of books and materials related to Czech, Slovak and Moravian genealogy.  We continue to add new items, some made possible by the donations of members and non members.

The CSAGSI Collection is located in the Riverside Public Library.  Now, an Affiliate Library, the computers (when member volunteers are available in the Collection Room) in the CSAGSI Collection Room have access to a myriad of digital resources of the Family History Center.

View PDF files of Collection Room materials: Collection Index One - Collection Index Two - Vertical File Index

Forty Years of the Linhart Funeral Home funeral records are available at the Collection Room in the Riverside Library.  CSAGSI volunteers created an index to those records.

Ancestry and Family search reference the Leo Baca Passenger list records.  The Baca records are also referenced in other resources.  CSAGSI has the Leo Baca books in the Collection Room.

17,000 Frank Kostka Eulogy Cards have been cataloged and indexed.  They are available in the CSAGSI Collections Room.

A sought after eulogizer at many funeral services, Frank Kostka, did his research, took his notes and made his eulogy.

Many researchers use his note cards to discover places of birth, relatives, and other notes Frank Kostka added on his eulogy cards.

The Bubenicek book is one of the most sought after and most referenced books.  The index is filled with the names of the Czechs who lived in Chicago.  This book, in many instances, listed the Bohemian place of birth, along with good summaries of many of those people mentioned in the book.

Czech and other immigrant groups mined the coal seams of Will County.  The Mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak's family lived and worked here. We have one of the few books published on the BNC in Braidwood.

A quote from Chicago Genealogy "A small group of pre-Fire sexton's records survive. You can view the originals at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository at Northeastern Illinois University but the information is also available in The Chicago Genealogical Society's publication Chicago Cemetery Records 1847-1863: sexton's reports and certificates, treasurer receipts, deeds, and undertakers' reports. "

In Czech and English, we have a collection of books which cover much of the history of Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago.

They are a treasure trove of information, including the names of many Czechs instrumental in the creation of the cemetery.

One of the most unique military groups to play a role in the Great War.  Comprised of men from many countries, and fighting for a nation, not yet on the map, and in locations far removed from what would become their home country.  Passenger lists show many of this unit's veterans arriving from Russia after the time there came to an end.

Berni Rula - Two Volumes


The CSAGSI Collection room has something on its book shelves which no one else probably has.  We have a copy of the Saint Procopius Catholic Church death records from 1872 to 1889.  No Index, just the records.  But,. we do have an Index covering the years 1890 to 1915.


The CSAGSI Collection Room holds a number of Czech cook books.  The Bohemian American Cookbook is one of the rare finds, published in 1915 and 1925.