Academia Web Site - Czech Research Papers


Academia is a web site which allows people to post their research.  It is easy and free to join.  I found these Czech related papers there, and there are more.

The Czechlands. A Bibliography. A Selected Bibliography of References in English

Antonín Dvořák in the Notes of the Traveller Josef Kořenský and Czech Society in America in 1893

The Lone Star State of 'Moravci' in its Formative Years (Texas Czechs)

Confessional Exile and National Identity: The Slovak Case

2003-Josef Susta-A History of a Life-A Life in History-book

New Jersey - Domain of Bohemian Jews

They Roamed All Over Fixing Things: The Tinkers of Slovakia Discover Class Consciousness

Czech Americans – The Unmeltable Ethnics

1879 Allegheny-Pittsburgh Exclusive English Translation from Amerikan Narodni Kalendar

Czech and Slovak Pioneers in America - Fact and Fiction

Karel and Nadhezda Kramář at home

Czech Pioneers in the American Northwest

Illustrated Slovak History

Czechoslovak Political Prisoners, 2nd edition

Exclusive English translation from the pages of the 1904 edition of Amerikán Národní...

Bohemian and Czech Jews in American History